TLC Lotion: Your CBD-Infused Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief Solution!

Pain Relief is Just the First Step...

It’s not much fun when you can no longer paddle your kayak, play golf, or ride your bike, let alone doing the normal daily task like changing the sheets on the bed, doing the dishes, cook, or even tie your shoes.

When my arthritis reached that level of pain, I simply sat in my recliner, watched TV and snacked, mostly on junk food. Naturally, what followed was muscle atrophy, lethargy and weight gain, which added even more strain on my joints. This path is quite easy to become habitual.

Arthritis Pain Relief Breakthrough

The harder path is more difficult to achieve but well worth the effort. When your pain is reduced by using TLC Lotion, that is the time to become active again. Clean up your eating habits, develop a regular workout program and stick to it. I assure you, you won’t be sorry.

Once TLC Lotion lessened my pain, I could do my physical therapy. A few weeks later, I started yoga and free weight exercises. By sticking with this program, I have lost the extra weight and become much stronger.

Take the first step in reducing your pain, then spend time regenerating your muscles. Can't say I'm planning any marathons, but I find great joy each time I tie the laces on my tennis shoes!