TLC Lotion: Your CBD-Infused Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief Solution!

I want to help as many arthritis sufferers as possible.

40 million Americans are afflicted with arthritis. Would you or an arthritis sufferer you care about be interested in having this kind of pain relief from arthritis?

My Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Success Story

Once I developed the lotion formula that relieved my arthritic pain, I began doing my workouts regularly and also doing some of the things I did before the onset of arthritis.

My neighbor noticed me doing things around the yard again and asked me how I was doing. I told her about my lotion, and as she too suffered from arthritis, she asked if she could try some.

I could hardly say no, so I gave her some. The next day she was back asking for more. It wasn’t long before she told some of her friends, and they wanted to try it too.

Demand for  My Arthritis Pain Relief Solution Snowballed!

Pretty soon there were a couple dozen people expecting me to provide them with my lotion. Arthritis suffering people were now depending on me for pain relief! At that point I understood the good I was doing, and it was a very rewarding feeling.

And so The Lotion Company was born, to make my arthritis pain relief lotion available to as many who are suffering from arthritis as possible!