TLC Lotion: Your CBD-Infused Arthritis & Muscle Pain Relief Solution!

relieves arthritis joint and muscle pain


A Natural and Healthy Way to Relieve Arthritis Pain.

My name is Latif Benik. A few years back, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck, shoulders and hands.

I tried everything to get relief, but the best result I could achieve was a combination of physical therapy and pain pills.

But I wanted a solution that would not cause me to become dependent on pain pills.

Pain Relief Was My Goal.

After experimenting with different solutions, I came up with a natural lotion infused with plant extracts that dramatically reduced my arthritis pain.

I call this amazing pain relief discovery TLC Lotion, and it has helped me so much, I feel I must share it with others who are suffering from the pain and debilitation of arthritis.