• How is TLC Lotion used?

    Apply TLC Lotion externally to the skin over the painful joints.

    Please Note: TLC Lotion is expressly intended as a topical treatment for pain relief. Do not take internally as some of the ingredients may make you sick. If rash occurs stop use immediately. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • How Much TLC Lotion Should I Use?

    The answer is, I don’t know. I do know what works for me. Some days one application first thing in the morning does the trick. Other days, not so much. I’ve had bad pain days where I’ve used TLC Lotion five, six or even seven times.

    The good news is, there are no bad side effects with TLC Lotion, unless you consider softer and smoother skin a bad side effect.

  • Will TLC Lotion work for me?

    While TLC Lotion has worked very well for most people, it does work differently from one person to the next. If TLC Lotion doesn’t relieve your pain or meet your expectations, please feel free to return the unused portion for a full refund.

  • Will applying TLC Lotion affect my skin?

    TLC Lotion’s blend of natural ingredients not only aids in relieving pain, but leaves your skin softer and smoother with no oily after effects.

  • Is TLC Lotion greasy?
    No. TLC Lotion goes on smoothly and dries quickly with no oily residue.
  • Is CBD the same as marijuana?
    Cannabis is a plant that makes a thick substance full of compounds called cannabinoids. There are more than 100 of these chemicals in cannabis. They cause drug-like reactions in your body. CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis products. Despite their similar chemical structures, CBD and THC don’t have the same psychoactive effects.


  • Are these products legal?
    Yes. The 2018 Farm Bill, signed into law on Dec. 20, 2018, removed cannabis plants and derivatives that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis from the Controlled Substances Act.