About 40 million Americans are afflicted with arthritis. Would you (or an arthritis sufferer you care about) want to experience this kind of pain relief from arthritis?

2020 studyTrusted Source found that CBD has anti-arthritic activity and may help symptoms by targeting the cells that drive inflammation.

Our Founder’s Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Success Story

A couple of years ago our founder was diagnosed with arthritis. Here’s the story in his own words, “It affected my neck, shoulders and hands. It was so bad I couldn’t turn my head enough to drive safely. I tried everything, from hospital emergency rooms to osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and pain medications.

The pain pills helped some, but caused stomach pain and disruption to my digestive system. The only way I got relief was with a combination of physical therapy and pain pills.

I didn’t want to be dependent on pain pills for the rest of my life, so I looked for an alternative to the pain pills. What I wanted was something that would allow me to continue the exercises and movements I learned in physical therapy.

Arthritis Pain-Free at Last!

“I tested many solutions, and what I came up with to reduce my arthritis pain is a natural lotion infused with plant extracts, combined organically . Applying the lotion relieves my pain enough that I can do all the movements I learned from my physical therapist, along with some yoga stretches and even some free weight exercises.
I’ve now maintained this regimen for the better part of a year and I’m so very grateful to be able to function as I want, free of the severe pain and debilitating effects of arthritis.”

My neighbor noticed me doing things around the yard again and asked me how I was doing. I told her about my lotion, and as she too suffered from arthritis, she asked if she could try some.

I could hardly say no, so I gave her some. The next day she was back asking for more. It wasn’t long before she told some of her friends, and they wanted to try it too.

Demand for My Arthritis Pain Relief Solution Snowballed!

Pretty soon there were a couple dozen people expecting me to provide them with my lotion. Arthritis suffering people were now depending on me for pain relief! At that point I understood the good I was doing, and it was a very rewarding feeling.

We want to help as many arthritis sufferers as possible.

A recent poll from The Arthritis Foundation asked over 2,600 people with arthritis about their experience using CBD. According to their poll, 94% of those who use CBD say they use it to relieve pain. Additionally, 67% of the participants reported improvements in their overall physical functioning from taking CBD.

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