With serious doubts I tried TLC Lotion and was surprised that it actually lessened my joint pain!
—Ted R

After years of chronic lower back pain, I’ve finally found a resolution. Thank you TLC Company!

"I'm so glad you offered the TLC capsules. Once they built up in my system, I found a longer lasting pain relief."
—Roger A.

I recently had a knee replacement and the pain during rehab was excruciating. Applying TLC Lotion before each session made it tolerable for me.
—Ed W

I used your lotion on the shoulder I had surgery on and it took away the ache and pain! I used it on my lower back the other night before I went to bed and shortly after that it felt great! Thank you!
—Sharon R.

Thank you so much for sending me the lotion. It has helped my muscles along my spine a lot!
—Karen R

As someone who is beset with osteoarthritis in my lower back and practically every joint in my body, I can truly vouch for TLC Lotion.  It works for me.